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The first and only Dutch Champagne brand in the world

(CIVC registered³)
The first and only official Champagne brand from The Netherlands, located in Amsterdam. We have the privilege to be officially acknowledged by the French Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC) and freedom to create a brand that suits you to enjoy life even more.

L2 Exclusive Champagne grapes are handpicked, nurtured and sweetened with classical music that roam free on the Passy-Grigny vineyards in France. And with the magic captured in an exclusive L2 Champagne bottle, you will have an enriched bubble experience!

Life is always better with a little bit L2 sparkle!
Most rainy nights in Amsterdam are no reason for anybody to get excited. But on a particular night in June 2010, the dripping rain on the window of their poorly heated student apartment somehow reminded two guys, Gandert and Amros, of bubbles. Shiny, golden, sparkling champagne bubbles. Made from the finest grapes in France. Unfortunately, being poor students, all they had was some leftover beer. Blinded by bubbles and the thought of meadows filled with grapevines they ‘borrowed’ their roommate’s car and headed for the Promised Land: France. After driving for hours, they started to feel a bit stupid for running of like that. But just as they decided to turn around the slow sunset started to reveal the most beautiful vineyard they had ever seen. As they drove closer, they started to believe their joined epiphany wasn’t so crazy. The fields were covered in grapes, bigger and juicier then any advertisement could make you believe. When they rolled down the window the magical tunes of Barber’s Adagio for Strings filled their vehicle. And as the music reach its peak, they started to see the silhouettes of about two dozen beautiful French girls picking the grapes. This must be it they though: Walhalla.
Needless to say, they spent the day, and the next and drank all the wine they were offered. Despite the obvious distractions they managed to remember their reason for leaving Amsterdam and asked for champagne. The Vintner seemed a bit reserved when they asked this. He explained he had worked on something for years but never dared to let anybody taste it. The boys told them they were sure it would be great and that this is why they had come to him. So, he let them taste it. The wine had been good but this champagne was extraordinary. Like the Lion is the king of the jungle, this champagne is the king of the vineyards.
Long story short. Enchanted by the view and the extraordinary taste of the vineyards champagne they decided their fridge should be filled with these magical bubbles instead of leftover beer. They took all the cases their car could store back to Amsterdam and haven’t stopped doing this ever since.

The King of the Vineyard


High quality L2 Champagne, originated on the Passy-Grigny vineyards in France. The grapes are handpicked, nurtured and sweetened with classical music that roam free on the vineyard. The magic captured in an exclusive L2 Champagne bottle which enriches the bubble experience

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