L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)

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L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)
L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)
L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)
L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)

L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)

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Certified fair trade product

L2 Champagne Rose Brut – Magnum (1500ml)

The big lady in red is sensual and charming, this is reflected in the attractive floral nose with a hint of small red fruit. A soft and fresh taste live up to expectations. This rosé champagne is excellent as an aperitif, sweet / savory combinations and desserts.

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Composition of the Cuvée

60% Meunier – 25% Chardonnay – 15% Red wine from the Champagne AOC


9 grams sugar / liter (brut)


30 months

Note: The line from the CIVC is a minimum maturation of 15 months in bottle, but we choose to let this cuvée mature for 30 months to achieve the right quality and character that this lady deserves

With which dishes does this L2 Champagne go well together?

We believe that champagne goes well with every dish because of the accessibility that champagne offers, partly due to the fine bubbles. Below are a number of options where this champagne comes into its own:

  • Grilled lobster, fish in sauce, chicken curry
  • Dark chocolate mousse
  • Roasted Rabbit with Dijon Mustard
  • Salmon rillettes on toast
  • Melon and Parma ham
  • Scallops, tomatoes and basil tartare

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L2 Champagne is produced using sustainable viticulture and is certified at the highest attainable level at Viticulture Durable en Champagne. The focus of this sustainability certification is on:

- The phytosanitary (plant health) strategy

- The management of fertilisation

- The conservation of biodiversity

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